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Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion 8 Oz. Bottle (236 mL) for Hands, Face & Body
Skin MD Natural

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion 8 Oz. Bottle (236 mL) for Hands, Face & Body


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Love this lotion, works wonders on rough dry skin..,especially in the winter! My whole family uses it!
This has been my holy grail product for about seven or eight years now. I use it absolutely every single day. I mostly use it on my face, where I apply it after I have used a serum or other targeted treatment. Because it's a shielding lotion, it sort of seals those products into my skin so I can get the most benefit from them. I also love it as a primer before I put on my makeup. It leaves such a nice, smooth surface for foundation! It is also fantastic as a hand lotion. It absorbs quickly and just leaves the most wonderfully hydrated skin. It's weird, but it makes my hands feel naturally moisturized, if that makes any sense. Like I didn't just use a hand lotion, but this is how my hands always are, naturally. I did recently discovered another way it amazes. I developed a rash that I couldn't get rid of, and finally figured out it was a contact dermatitis. It was going to be very difficult to stay away from the product that was causing my reaction, but I use Skin MD Natural and it formed a protective shield on my skin, thereby protecting it from the offending substance. My rash cleared up and I use this product regularly to prevent further irritation. Seriously...this should be in EVERYBODY'S skincare arsenal! I can't recommend it highly enough!
The best facial moisturizing. Doesn't break me out. Isn't too light or too heavy. Cost effective. Its just perfect.

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