Skin Doctors Hair No More Inhibitor Spray 120ml

by Skin Doctors

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An innovation in hair removal! This unique and revolutionary Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray from Skin Doctors has been designed to actually help discourage unwanted hair from growing back. Hair that does grow back is often finer sparser and lighter than before with Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray from Skin Doctors and in many cases the hair doesn't grow back again! So that means no more tweezing no more waxing and no more pain! The scientifically developed Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray can help retard hair re-growth. Hair that does grow back may be finer sparser and lighter than before and in many cases the hair never grows back again. No side effects except for the slowed appearance of hair growth and softer skin. The product is easily applied and contains soothing plant and herbal extracts. There's no pain no effort no preparation and there's no skin irritation. Directions of use: Remove hair with chosen hair removal cream (NOT INCLUDED) Once the skin has been thoroughly rinsed of the hair removal cream immediately spray a generous amount of the totally Natural Inhibitor Spray onto the treated area Delicately massage into the skin until it is completely absorbed Apply four to five times a week to inhibit hair growth as well as reduce skin irritation and ingrown hairs Use more often if the hair is thick and dark Always ensure that complete absorption has been achieved before applying other products to the same skin area The hair growth inhibitor spray will not interfere with perfumes after-shaves or other skin products When used as directed the Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray should not cause skin irritation even to sensitive surfaces Avoid contact with the eyes If the inhibitor spray does enter the eyes gently flush them with warm water If used consistently the two step process can keep hair from growing back If those stubborn dark hairs do grow back then simply repeat the process


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