Whats your thoughts on the Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes ?
malakand road Kempston, Bedfordshire - il y a 5 mois

2 answers

My opinion no one should use facial wipes at all - very bad for the environment and they don’t clean your skin at all and coz of that you will start getting breakouts . Better of getting a facial oil cleanser to wash you face with and double cleans when wearing a makeup or/and sunscreen
il y a 3 mois
“Simple” doesn’t always mean easy in the skin. I have sensitive skin and I bought these while in vacay because I forgot my cleansing balm at home. Well 1) it didn’t touch my waterproof mascara nor eyeliner and 2) I ended up getting an eczema flare up on my face cause of the burning sensation I got right after using it. It’s definitely was not kind to my skin.
il y a 4 mois