Does a lot come in the pack? is it worth buying ?
Toronto - il y a un an

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Think it’s like 25, but they’re not very expensive
il y a 10 mois
Theres 25 i believe. I would have originally rushed to said yes, they are worth buying but i recently had a bad experience with them. I don’t know if Simple changes their cleansing wipes or maybe i got a bad pack but they were sooo bad. You ever get re purchase a product and just know something is off when you use it? Thats how it felt haha. I have extremely sensitive skin and they just felt like sandpaper on my face. My skin hurt so much by the end of using it. But this is my experience so its always a good idea to give it a try and worse case, you don’t like them! I wonder if a store like ulta would let you return them if they don’t end up working
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They are worth it, especially if you have sensitive skin!! Price really all depends where you buy it from but regardless! They are awesome!!
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Around 25 in a pack. You should buy it. It doesn't irritate skin.
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