I just got the 30 day weight loss plan from shredz, I'm still iffy about trying this plan, I was hoping if someone has tried it, let me how it worked for you?
Chula Vista , CA - 4 years ago

2 answers

Everyone has a different body, it's all about knowing yourself when taking these. Personally, I been using shredz for a good couple years and got progress with it, but of course you at least have to exercise and have a "healthier" diet. Don't expect to loose weight by binge eating and exercising. It does take time though! I would recommend using this and the fat burner, personally, because to see tone, you do need to get rid of the fat that is in the way!
3 years ago
Personally, I love all of their products and recommend them all but I wouldn't purchase a supplement like creating unless you're wanting to gain some serious size and strength in the gym.
4 years ago