Can I trust this website? I am not really comfortable with buying things online but this shop seems pretty cool. I've had some problems with Wish and I would like not to have the same experience.
Rome - 3 years ago
8 answers
I have never had a problem with them! Great stuff for cheap u can't go wrong.
3 years ago
I had no problems with the website or their customer service, but the products just aren't good. I spent $50 on this website (not including international shipping) so I got 50 items. Almost everything was rubbish and I was a bit disappointed. It is to be expected when everything is $1 but there was only 2 products that I ended up using and they can be purchased elsewhere. Do yourself a favour and put the $50 towards one or two high end products instead of 50 bits of junk
3 years ago
I've ordered things from this site!!! Everything ran pretty smoothly , I didn't have any issues with transactions, my order or the products I purchased.
3 years ago
I have been shopping other them for over a year and never had any issues!! They have always sent everything and in great condition!
Killeen , TX - 3 years ago
You can, this website sells legit brands unlike sites like wish.
Rotterdam - 3 years ago