Is there any 50+ year olds, that have received any Voxboxs in the last 6 months? If so, how many and what products did you receive? Personally, I've only received one product, around October for eye creamShiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream, in over 2 years of being a member.
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Same here. Snaps and short list. I'm thankful, but very discouraging. Us boomers have more spending than the rest. Ive seen posts, with people saying they are selling their stuff; which means they are not honest reviews, because they are not using the products. I've seen new members, young people do 5 reviews and within a month, got 3 boxes! I may not have 15k in followers, which you can buy at a pretty low cost on the internet, but what I do have, is REAL! I wish they would take people like us into account, then some 19 year old, who doesn't spend top dollar on products. Why send them anti aging skincare products that are geared towards a different group. Currently I have 2 cash back ones, Clorox floor care and for a tv. First off, I said I wasn't interested in spending money on a tv and opted out. But they sent it anyway. Same happened to others, saying the even opted out. It's not even a full cash back! It's for only like $100. I don't need a tv, nor do I see as COVID-19 hit, as an unnecessary splurge. Crazy
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I too received the Shiseido voxbox and left detailed reviews on Influenster and the retailers website. I also uploaded photos. I answer questions and do snaps and reviews. I did receive a couple of "you're on the short list" surveys which I completed. No voxbox though. I use a huge variety of skincare and makeup brands, not to mention I do lots of mani's and post in the nail art gallery. I'm 60. I've been here for around 2 years as well. I'm older, but I still get oily in the t-zone and don't just use mature skin products. Oh well.
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