Shaw R2x Hard Surfaces Floor Cleaner 1 Gallon

by Shaw

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Shaw R2x Hard Surfaces Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning all types of hard surface flooring. It is ideal for removing dirt, grease and scuffs. This product is designed to be used full-strength as packaged. Do not dilute. No Rinsing Required. Shaw R2x Hard Surfaces Floor Cleaner Gallon is best used when poured into a spray bottle and applied with a mist/spray. Shaw R2x Hard Surface Floor Cleaner brightens and preserves finishes, leaves no sticky or dulling residue. Safe for all types of Ceramic, Hardwood (polyurethane), Laminate and Vinyl flooring.


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We recently purchased & installed Shaw Resilient flooring and from everything we've read this looks like the only thing Shaw recommends to clean them with. I like a clean house, and am a huge germaphobe, can anyone tell me if this product actually cleans the surface like a bleach or vinegar cleaner would?