Shasta Diet Root Beer Soda, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

by Shasta

Is This Your Brand?


It’s a simple philosophy, but one that we believe in. Like you, we think variety keeps life interesting. That’s why there are so many bold, exciting flavors of Shasta, and why we’re so busy inventing cool new ones regularly. From timeless classics like Ginger Ale, Grape, and Root Beer, to some of our bolder flavors like Tiki Punch, Grapefruit Zazz, and Mountain Rush, Shasta has just the right taste for every occasion and everyone in your family.

We've been a staple in America for well over 120 years; And while our flavor variety may always be changing, the quality, value, and plain-old fun associated with Shasta never will; We learned a long time ago that life is better when you add more flavor; Pick up some Shasta for your family and drink in the fun; With over 30 different flavors to choose from, we understand if it's hard to select your absolute favorite; So go ahead and pick 3 or 4; And we're not planning to make it any easier for you either; Instead, we're hard at work creating our next bright, bold, and great-tasting Shasta flavor; That's what we live for; And you can taste it in every can


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