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Shark® Rocket® Self-Cleaning Brushroll Corded Stick Vacuum

Shark® Rocket® Self-Cleaning Brushroll Corded Stick Vacuum


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Impressed with the suction of this vacuum. It assembles very easily with just a couple clicks and the length of the cord is very generous. There are 2 settings: bare floors/area rugs and carpet. On bare floors, the vacuum swivels and rolls quite easily. On our thick rugs, the brush roll did "jam" a few times: there's a red light to indicate the issue, and I just turn off/turn on the vacuum to "reset" it. Emptying the canister is simple and it seems like it will clean easily with water. I like that the unit is small to store, but you have to disconnect the vacuum to do so. My big dislike is that the fully assembled vacuum doesn't stand on its own if I have to stop for a bit - have to lay it flat on the floor or lean it against something. Otherwise though, really happy with this vacuum!
I did not receive or try this. Rating it 5 starts because I like the brand Shark… I have a vacuum that I received for testing but not a mop.
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This is a great little vacuum. Lightweight and easy to store. Collects the pet hair wonderfully and you can easily detach the handheld to go from floors to couches, corners or anywhere else you need to clean.
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I am excited to get my shark vacuum but does it have a feature to suck air from bags?
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