What is the best way to drink this?? Any recipe recommendations?
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My morning go-to is a scoop of vegan cafe latte, a frozen banana (slightly defrosted), and 10 oz of almond milk. Blended for a smooth, creamy, and luxurious start to my day. If I want something more frosty or if I’m out of bananas, I use ice cubes.
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There are LOADS of recipes on the beachbody website and also on Pinterest! I drink the vegan strawberry - so I mix mine with unsweetened coconut milk, some frozen fruit, and a scoop of the shakeo powder. I love it!
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I do almond milk, banana, and peanut butter
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I always do a cup of ice, a good bit of almond milk, and generally a half a banana, plus the portion of Shakeology. Then, depending on what I’m feeling, I’ll add other ingredients like peanut butter or spinach. Google recipes and you’ll find a TON!
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