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Shady Brook Farms 97% Fat Free Ground White Turkey
Shady Brook Farms

Shady Brook Farms 97% Fat Free Ground White Turkey


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I love this brand of ground turkey specifically because they have a 97%/3% version, and even a 99%/1% version. As someone who has serious reactions to certain types of food, this is the only ground turkey I can eat that doesn't make me sick. It's flavorful, browns up well for tacos, and fulfills my cravings in a healthier way when I want shepherds pie. I absolutely recommend
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My whole family love this brand. Shady Brook Farms we just love the ground white turkey. My whole family loves it with the delicious recipes I make. To me this is the one brand I fully trust. Is clean. Not gooey like other brands. Whenever my kids see that I buy the ground white turkey they know something good is coming from it. From Empanadas to little meatballs with spaghetti they just love it.
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We absolutely love this ground turkey. We use it for spaghetti and tacos. It keeps the flavor and doesn’t dry out. We highly recommend it to everyone.
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