My cat has a flea allergy and also takes a bad reaction to flea drops. The reviews I have read so far are all great but I’m wondering if it really does work, and whether anyone has used it on a cat with allergic dermatitis?
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My recommendation is to find another product - my cat suffered a severe reaction to Seresto. Granted, I have two other cats who could use the collar with no problem. But one cat suffering was too many! They work, but they’re not good for sensitive cats - or sensitive people! The Seresto collars have been in the news recently, as a congressional subcommittee has asked for Elanco to voluntarily recall their product. Good luck finding a solution for your pet!
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My cat didn’t have a reaction but this collar did not work on my cat at all. She continued to have bad fleas for 8 months until I got the drops for her. Try to see if there is an alternate to drops that isn’t this collar.
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It claims to work 8 months, even though I still exclusively use these I would say 4 months is more accurate. I’ve used them for about 3 years for 3 different cats and ordered them from all different sources. So I know it is not the supplier, it is the product itself. I’ve bought from amazon, my vet office, chewy, and PetSmart. My cats are indoor cats as well.
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My cat had no reaction to the collar at all.
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My Ragdoll is allergic to everything! He doesnt have bad dermatitis but the drops made him rash a bit. The Seresto was no problem, but if your cat is hyper-sensitive, I'd ask my Vet first. If you're willing to try drops, this may be something you may want to give a try. Make sure you're vigilant about removing and replacing as old ones get powdery and can bother sensitive kitties. 😺
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