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Sea-buckthorn oil sounds like it is comes from a creature in the sea, but it is actually derived from the fruit of the sea-buckthorn berry. The oil is typically cold-pressed from the whole berries or the seeds of the berries, and is used in several types of products, from skincare to dietary supplements.It is advertised as having multiple benefits – from anti-aging to anti-bacterial – and is rich in omega-7 (palmitoleic fatty acid) and omega-3 (oleic fatty acid). It contains a large amount of beta carotene, which gives it the deep reddish-orange hue.For use, I recommend diluting it with other facial oils or products, as it is indeed a very red/orangey oil and can make fairer skins look very fake-tan orange once applied. Some people also recommend sleeping with a towel on your pillow overnight when using it, though I’ve never noticed long-term staining of fabrics due to sea-buckthorn oil.I’d recommend it for skin that is acne-prone due to its wound healing properties, though anecdotal evidence seems to point to it having value for rosacean skin types. It may also do well with you if you’ve successfully used macadamia nut oil, as both contain a large amount of palmitoleic fatty acid.I would also recommend heavy spot testing for people with malessezia folliculitis, fungal acne,  atopic dermatitis, or seborrheic dermatitis, as they are all conditions that can be caused by M. furfur yeast, which oleic and palmitic fatty acid can all cause to grow quickly. Did cause me to break out, unfortunately.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
I'm obsessed with this Sea Buckthorn Oil. When I was pregnant my midwife suggested I try this to help relieve some dry skin issues I was having and I've subsequently started using this as my new cure-all. It's perfect for Spring when the weather is getting warmer because it doesn't make my skin feel super oily or break me out but keeps me really hydrated, helps treat dark spots, bug bites, rashes, dry spots, good for cuticles and I've even mixed it with lavender EO and a little coconut oil to help treat my toddler's mild eczema. I prefer this to coconut oil because coconut oil tends to leave me feeling greasy, a little of sea buckthorn goes a long way and my skin drinks it up!