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Sd Eye Concentrate For Wrinkles

Sd Eye Concentrate For Wrinkles


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2 / 5
This wasn’t as good as I was expecting. I have used it daily and nightly for 1.5 months and I’ve seen a very very very slight difference in my crows feet. Just a tiny bit. I wanted to try this to see if it worked for me, it didn’t work well 😞 and I’m not too sure if it’s good for sensitive skin. There were times it stung.
5 / 5
This stuff is GrEAT 👍 👍. It really did it’s job with smoothing out my under eyes. Not just fine lines, but also uneven texture and small skin tags. My skin is so smooth. I use it in AM after I use toner. Love love love it. I have officially incorporated this into my routine. Highly recommend this product.
4 / 5
This stuff works amazing under the eyes. It doesn't leave a lot of excess product as long as you don't use too much. Definitely saw results within a week


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Anyone give me advice on a eye cream that really works for puffiness? strivectin-sd-eye-cream-13-fl-oz ??? strivectin-tl-360-tightening-eye-serum ?? Any other options?
Does this eye cream burn anyones eyes as it does mine?
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