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Scivation - Xtend Go Energy BCAAs Fruit Punch - 14.39 oz.

Scivation - Xtend Go Energy BCAAs Fruit Punch - 14.39 oz.


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Scivation Xtend is my favorite Aminos that has produced the best results for me :).  My all time favorite is the green apple.  It tastes just like a jollyrancher!  i definitely feel the extra pump in my workout and it really helps with muscle recovery.  I highly recommend Xtend! 
I haven't tried this flavor yet but the green apple version is amazing. I expected it to be sour but it was actually sweet- tastes exactly like a green apple jolly rancher which I was happy about. Highly recommend incorporating this to your daily workout plan. 
i actually tried the blood orange flavor but it doesn't show up here. it tastes good & claims to be sugar free. i don't know if its actually made a difference for me in my post workout recovery but i used it intra-workout & it makes me bloated. it did help curve my appetite & has gotten me through workouts when i had barely eaten or even when i have. i just get hungry fast & this helps me get through them.

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