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Schick Intuition Limited Edition Hello Kitty Sensitive Care Razor Handle & Refills 2019

Schick Intuition Limited Edition Hello Kitty Sensitive Care Razor Handle & Refills 2019


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I usually only use disposable razors but as a massive Hello Kitty fan, I wanted to try this. This one had better reviews than the pink one (one is sensitive & one is regular), so I chose it. I've tried this type if razor years ago & didn't care for it but I heard they were much better now. The first time I tried this one, it wasn't that impressive but the next time, the soap part had worn down a little & it was easier to press down harder (which is safer & gives a better shave). That made a huge difference! Like any razor, the blades don't last too incredibly long but that's to be expected. I don't think I'd pay the regular price for it, but I got it on sale & used a gift card, so it is well worth it!
I'm reviewing this as a woman who has been using a men's razor for years to get the closest shave. It definitely doesn't give as close of a shave as the men's razor I use, but it still gives a nice one, especially for the price. The fact that it came with five disposable blades total was what convinced me it was worth the price (and I just love Hello Kitty). You don't need shaving cream or gel when you first use this razor. It is larger than I'm used to but it is because a soap/shave cream surrounds the razor. It works really well and leaves the legs really smooth. Maybe since I'm not used to that model, it took me longer to shave my legs, and as the soap around it decreased in size the longer I used it, I did have to go back over some spots, but otherwise, it got the job done. If you're shaving areas other than the armpits or legs, you may not want such a large model. It is kind of flexible, but not the most accommodating. I bought it as we are entering Fall, so I don't need an uber close shave, but I likely wouldn't rebuy it for summer smooth legs. I will say it did cut me a little on the knees, but nowhere else. Hope this helps!
I have always loved Hello Kitty so when I saw this I knew I had to have it. To be honest , I don’t know if I will take it out of the box as I would consider it a collector’s item. I can say that I have used the Schlick Intuition razors and they are the bomb! They come with a little bar of shaving soap around each razor so that you do not have to use any other gels or creams. It is important to not leave them in the shower as the bars of soap can break off leaving you a mess and a razor that is just not so magical anymore . These particular Hello Kitty ones give you one Hello Kitty themed razor and 4 additional ones so really you are getting 5 , so without the shaving gel you might normally buy, these are quite economical. It was $19.99 , but any of you Walgreens regulars know you can use your points , so I had $10 worth , so it was amazing deal for me![product:schick-intuition-limited-edition-hello-kitty-sensitive-care-razor-includes-handle-and-4-refills][product:schick-intuition-plus-sensitive-razor-cartridges-case-of-48][product:schick-intuition-limited-edition-hello-kitty-sensitive-care-razor-includes-handle-and-4-refills]

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