318 Questions
Kaitlan C.
Are Scentsy warmers better then other brands? Or it is about the same and just aesthetic preference.
Brooke F.
What are some of everyone’s favorite wax melts? :)
Shanun R.
Is this warmer still available to us customers ?
Maria R.
What Is the best Scentsy smell for a warmer , I love fruity & anything smelling fresh like laundry like Glade Clean Linen Scentsy Warmers Glade Clean Linen® Room Spray ?
Lexus C.
Is anyone looking for a Scentsy Consultant? I just started selling 70 days ago and I am so close to my first promotion :) I started scentsy because I needed the extra income so that I would know I would always have money. I have a 9 month old son and I use the money from Scentsy to buy him extra stuff each month. If anyone is interested from buying from me feel free to leave a comment and I'll leave my link for you :) Scentsy Warmers
Ash T.
HooE long do the warmers last?
Jamie K.
Are there farmhouse in these?
Danielle F.
So who loves Scentsy Warmers?? I'm currently having a party to support my cause. Proceeds will go towards making a basket for a raffle at my benefit. The benefit is for me to get much needed help from the Mayo Clinic. Lisaannmaderia.scentsy.us and join my party!!
Kirsty D.
For anyone who uses Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy products. What is your favourite Scentsy bars?
Ashley T.
What is your favorite Scentsy warmer and scent?