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The best pizza I have tried!!! Is very delicious is so sad that I have to go to Houston to eat it,, is far from me ,but I go when I can!!!
Had a terrible experience at the location in the Toronto Eaton Centre Food Court! Food was terrible and was almost purposely overcharged.. check your bills or if you can avoid this scam of a place completely!!
This pizza place is ok! I go to it when I’m at the mall and when I use to work at the mall. It’s not my favorite pizza but it did fill me up. I use to love the mall discount I use to get so that was the only reason why I went. The pizza was a little greasy and I haven’t been in years! You can try it if you want but other pizza places are way better.
If you had to live on one food and one dessert for a month which would it be? I'd choose pizza from Sbarro and cookie dough ice cream from ben-jerrys-ice-cream-cookie-dough
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