Just wondering how well Burts bees moisturizes your lips and is there much shine?
Dunville, NL - il y a 3 ans

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I agree that it’s very good for dry lips. I tend to drink less water and have dryer skin than some. I LOVE these and they are worth every penny. I did my homework first and made sure to find a video online of them doing swatches on someone with a similar skin tone to me. Just to be sure I’d like the color I purchased. It looks satin not super glossy and it’s great for my dryer lips, I wear it daily.
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I love it! I definitely choose this than most others out there
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It's very moisturizing lighter than most chalsticks and it's not greasy. The shine is more glossy than artificial shine, but doesnt look greasy either. This is a picture of me wearing it.
il y a 3 ans