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Wow Kelly knows her stuff! Funny I grew up near where you are Kelly L. To put it more lightly you need this stuff which is developer to mix with the powder bleach in order to lighten your hair. Have you ever bought a store bought high light kit for at home and it has a liquid bottle and a powder? This is that liquid stuff. You need BOTH items to bleach hair. The higher the volume (10, 20 & 30 which is in this review) the faster your hair will lift (AKA lighten.) I didn't understand any of it either until googling it recently. Learning the difference in the # on bottles of developer etc. Hope this helps as well. This is the ammature version of Kelly's LOL. P.S. You should never directly apply a bleach mixture straight onto your bare scalp. It will cause burns. That is why pro's use foils or DIY kits use caps.
3 years ago
Cherisse, The developer in a mixture of haircolor does exactly what the name implies: it provides the chemical reaction that allows the haircolor molecules to penetrate and be deposited into the shaft of the hair by causing the chemical color to "develop". (You've noted - I'm sure - that the color of your haircolor mix grows darker after you coming the color and developer.) Schwarzkopf hair color developer Depending on the strength of the peroxide of the developer, the developer also may lighten the base color of the hair in order to create a lighter shade of color. If you found my response helpful can you please like the comment. Have a great evening 👄
4 years ago