How long do these typically stay on? Will they last through hand washing and hair washing??
Searcy, AR - 3 years ago

5 answers

i liked changing mines every other week so for sure a good 8-9 days.
Modesto - a year ago
They are pretty sturdy and will last through handwashing for sure I have never tried washing my hair while wearing them but if you want to try use a top coat and a base coat and you should be okay
3 years ago
I usually use a base coat and then apply them, along with a top coat. I usually apply 2 thin top coats and they have lasted over a week.
Hubert, NC - 3 years ago
I wash my hands a lot and I shower daily, mine have lasted for 1 week or more. I usually apply a topcoat afterward. I have never had any issues with chipping or peeling.
3 years ago
They have lasted through hand washing but never hair washing.
Victorville , CA - 3 years ago