Do these really work? How durable are they?
Evergreen, Co - 3 years ago

6 answers

If you do a lot of house work they will not last long. Especially if working with a lot of water.
3 years ago
These work pretty well and are a fun way to do your nails especially if you don't like polish. I would suggest finding a regular top coat to cover these and they'll last twice as long! These are more like polish strips so the top coat you use shouldn't make them shrivel up but I'd still use a small one to test it before you go through the trouble to get them on. I've noticed that some of the "fast drying" top coats can make these shrivel up. Hope that helps.
Billings, MT - 3 years ago
I have tried this and it lasted about 5 days! I high recommend it an evening out or if you are going on vacation. Easy to apply and remove too.
San Francisco, CA - 3 years ago
They work but not very durable, I use my hands a lot so not sure if that plays a role.
Enfield , CT - 3 years ago
Yes they really look and I love using them when I feel like having a cute quick and easy look. When I use them they usually last at least a week as long as you are to ruff on your hands. One of my favorite designs is the hot pink and black cheetah print.
3 years ago
I tried these about 3 months ago but I had a different design, and they were reasonably durable. Depending on what you do on a daily basis they may come off earlier or stay on longer. I personally do a lot of craft and painting so I get my nails ruined often. When I had to the stickers on, they stayed for about a week. I think these are good and efficient for someone who doesn't have the time to go to a salon.
Sacramento, CA - 3 years ago