2 Questions
Lauren R.
Hi, just wondering if anyone cleans/sterilizes these any certain way? Given the price point, I imagine they are mostly meant to be disposable, or only used a couple/few times before throwing them away. I would like to get as much life out of them as possible, though. I read elsewhere that other silicone pads or “brush heads” like the luna could be soaked in 70% rubbing alcohol for 10 minutes, and am hoping I can do the same with the these. I have of course been rinsing thoroughly with warm water, and have used 70% alcohol wipes to wipe them off and it does not seem to be doing any damage, but wanted to ask everyone hear as well! Thanks in advance for any advice.
Lea H.
I saw these at Walmart and decided not to buy them because I wasn't sure if the back would get in the way when using it. Does it?