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S & B Sauce Mix, Medium Hot 3.2 oz

S & B Sauce Mix, Medium Hot 3.2 oz


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Delicious. This brand and Vermont curry have been the only thing I use for my golden/Japanese curries for years and years now. They have varieties of spice level to choose. The only critique I have is that it features palm oil, which is very environmentally harmful.
5 / 5
Although this reads medium hot, we didn’t feel the heat. really enhances the flavor. This package contains two packets. A normal size family needs just one but if your having family over, use both. This is the best curry mix you can buy. It’s authentic and full of flavor. If you’ve never used it before, let me help you put. Cut some carrots up and start cooking them in a pan. Add cut up onions, and then your meat (I use steak cut up in small pieces), and then add green beans (I use canned). Add a cup of water and cook, then add the curry mix, add a half cup of water. Mix the curry in the pan and simmer. Make rice, add a generous amount of spice curry to the water before boiling. ( You can take a piece of this curry mix and put it in the pot). Add rice, cook ten minutes. Put the curry rice on the plate and add the curry mix. Holy cow....what a meal! This curry mix is just the best out there. When I lived in a Germany, we ordered this meal at a Restaurant. This tastes just like what they served.
5 / 5
This stuff is AMAZING. We make it every couple of weeks. Think beef stew but 100x better. Not super spicy at all. Just tons of flavor. We make ours with beef, onion, potato, carrots, and rice. Once you try it, it will be a staple meal! [product:s-b-sauce-mix-medium-hot-32-oz] #inflenstereats #curry #japanese #dinnertime #letseat #favoritefoods


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