What do you mix with this?
Zion , IL - il y a 4 ans

6 answers

I’ve only done it in shots. It would probably be good on ice with some milk too
il y a 17 jours
RumChata and Fireball tastes like cinnamon toast crunch.
il y a 3 ans
I actually used to put a tiny amount of this in my coffee all the time. It tasted AWESOME!
il y a 4 ans
I had a drink mixed with chocolate and banana. It's the most delicious I've ever had
il y a 4 ans
Its awesome in some christmas eggnog drinks and I love it in coffee. If you are on Pinterest there are tons of recipes. #happyhourrecipes
il y a 4 ans
The texture is too thick for me to like it in a drink, but I love chocolate pudding shots with this!
il y a 4 ans