What a fun drink to make with this?
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Rum chata and fireball. Taste like cinnamon toast crunch yummmm!
il y a 5 mois
I add it to my hot chocolate with some whipped cream on top, it's a nice chocolate liquor drink and it is very organic to it because it's a dairy based product.
il y a 7 mois
1 oz Banana liqueur1 oz Butterscotch schnapps2 oz Rum chata1 oz Vanilla vodkaButtered Monkey
il y a 10 mois
Rumchata + milk + Cookie Crisp = boozy cereal !
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Rumchata + Fireball = Cinnamon Toast Crunch!. Shots or mox more for a drink! Delish!
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Cinnamon Bun 3 parts RumChata 1 part Kahlúa sprinkle of cinnamon
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Mix with coffee! So yummy 😋
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