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Royal Canin

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food,...
51 Reviews
Pro;e este alimento con mis gatitos para mejorar su pelo y salud, a los 20 días de comenzar a comer ru Royal Canin, el pelo tomó brillo, sufrieron de menos caída del pelo, y al usar su caja de arena sus excrementos y orina no tenían ese olor tan fuerte , no es un alimento barato, pero es la mejor inversión para tener tus gatos sanos y felices!
My cats love this food. Their health has been excellent since I switched to this formula. 10/10 would recommend
Highly recommended to those looking for cat or persian cat food this is so amazing,I can see the hair of my cat is soft and fluffy,that's why I love this awesome
Great product for Persian cats. Also good for other cats as it helps keep the coat healthy and shiny. Tastes good and is loved by all indoor cats.
Royal canin Persian cat food is the best choice of food one can preferably opt for. I have used Meo, Drools, Whiskas and end number of brands before but my cats are a huge fan of Royal canin Persian dry food. They come running to their food bowl as soon as they hear the sound of that bag. 2kg pack might be enough for a month or so depending on the number of cats you have or the amount of food they eat. I have two cats with me as of now and 2kg pack goes on well for a month. [product:royal-canin-persian-kitten-dry-cat-food]
My cat is 12 years old and she has been aiding this product all of her life and she has a great life and good health and shiny hair fluffy hair she looks very healthy and then she can go will when she sees the vet I haven't been really okay with this food she doesn't have a rough time with hairballs and I think she's very happy with what she's getting [brand:royal-canin]
It is a very great dry food for cats as it very healthy, it helps to maintain cats healthy and improve their fur texture, also colour.
Siempre he alimentado mi gato con esta comida esta muy saludable ya tiene 9 años y su pelo está muy bonito y lo mejor la 💩 no es tan maloliente 😆
My cat seems to love Royal Canin especially the dry food more than the wet. Lol. Wish the price was a little bit cheaper but you get what you pay for and my fur baby seems happy! I also notice I use less food at a time than you would with a cheaper brand full of the worse stuff. So yes I do recommend this brand.
This is the only cat food that my persian is willing to eat. With his smushed face and small teeth, keeping food in his mouth can be difficult! This food is made into oval shapes to make eating a little easier for a persian. This cat gives it 5 meowtastic stars! #persian #catfood #meow