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Great to wear when is important occasion, me encanta soy muy fanatics de los watch, I love it. 😍😍😍❤️, my whole family has one
I love this brand. I first bought this watch from them with another wristband as well. They look sleek and stylish, they are pretty small so they actually feel comfortable (this is the first watch that I can wear all day, even when I go to bed) and the price is amazing. Then, I bought the bracelet as well. I could choose the colors of the stones which I loved and delivery was once again quickly. Although it’s a thin bracelet, it’s surprisingly strong as well so I’m never afraid to break it and it stays beautiful, even though I also shower with it etc.
At the beginning of March, we bought a watch as a gift for a friend who was finishing her PhD. The watch has never arrived and Rosefield has not refunded the money or given an explanation. Very bad after-sales customer service and the worst thing is that they don't say anything. A complete shame, I do not recommend it and will never recommend it in my life.
Are the rosefield earrings good quality?? They have beautiful stuff but not sure about how good they are.. please help!
Yikes, I am planning to get a Tribeca White Pink Rose Gold Watch for my girl's birthday in March, but after reading the reviews it seem that on November and December many customers did not receive their watches while complaining the service to be bad. Other than that the other reviews commend the company.I'm split between these extreme comments, is the service and shipping really bad?
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