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I got this a few weeks ago and I’m in love to to my autoimmune diseases I have dry skin issues and this is sensitive for my sensitive skin I am set it before my primer and as a setting spray after I apply my makeup.I love the light rose scent and this keeps my skin hydrated even on days I don’t wear makeup I use it as a hydration refresher
I have oily acne prone skin and this would be the last spray I'd use on my face.....normally. HOWEVER...... This is the! It is easy on my sensitive skin, no breakouts or irritation. It does have a light rose scent but I like it and it doesnt linger too long. It's like a floral rose garden scent imo. There is no glitter, it's just the bottle. It's very nourishing and works great alone before bed or as a primer which I love doing. It helps my foundation blend like a dream and look so smooth and skinlike. And leaves the perfect glow! Without any oiliness! Try this. Seriously just. Do. It.
This mist is pretty nice and sensible, feels nice against the skin. It gives a radiant glow as well. I’ll be buying again !
Rose Glow Mist ? Is this a good toner?
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Rose Glow Mist Does this help hydrate your skin?
Is this for oily skin as well?
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