How fast does this show results? Looking to try Rogaine products!
Atlanta, GA - il y a 2 ans

1 answer

Me and my husband both use it. My husband was shiny skin culdesac spot and saw fair coverage within 2 1/2 months of regular use. The hair is thinner than his normal curly thick black hair. He does have good coverage. I took a before and after. I'll try to find it. I use once daily at my temples for light hair loss and it TOTALLY filled in by 7 weeks with normal hair growth. I hope this will follow if I can find them. Hint: The Costco foam is the exact same product and is $44 for 4 cans ( it may be 6) It also has a better texture when dried. The name brand can be a little tacky feeling. I use at night instead of am so there is no texture to my hair.
il y a 2 ans