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Rodial Retinol Drops

Rodial Retinol Drops


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I am reviewing the Rodial Collagen Drops. The formula is a serum/ oil hybrid. Upon application, it immediately hydrates the skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves no residue on the skin. This serum has definitely helped with my skin’s elasticity and firmness. Although I have noticed positive results, this product is quite expensive and I’m not sure that it delivers results that I can’t achieve with a less expensive serum. If I see this serum on sale, I would repurchase it again.
I got this in Cohorted beauty box and I very enjoy it. I use it once-twice a week, just 3-4 frops and it makes my skin nice and smooth and bright. Make sure your face is not dry before you put this on, otherwise it may cause dry patches. It’s really expensive but I wpuld consider buying this on my own.
I’m sure it’s a good enough formula, it seems to be doing ok# on my skin. BUT, it is extremely greasy/sticky and the scent is pretty strong as well. I prefer unscented products so it’s a bummer for me. Also the company is very shady about the actual percentage of retinol in it. It is not disclosed anywhere. It says 10% but that would be 1. Illegal and 2. Burn your face off 🤷‍♀️. So who knows what it actually is? It is also quite expensive.
Has anyone used this or any other collagen products for acne scars? I have acne scars on my cheeks that are both textured and not textured and need a product that will even out my skin texture and tone and really give me that natural look again
Is it worth getting ?
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