I had been using R&F unblemish for a couple years. I will say my skin was pretty much clear with the occasional breakout. Recently I decided to stop using it as it was becoming too expensive and I wanted to try something new. My skin is now breaking out horribly and it can be painful. Mainly in the chin & cheeks area. I have no idea what to do. Has anyone gotten off of it and dealt with this problem? How can I fix it? I don’t even think it was this bad before I started using it.
Dayton, OH - il y a 2 ans

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Yes this happened to me too!! I ended up going to the dermatologist and they prescribed me something that literally burned my face when I put it on so I got right back on rodan! I did just start using it at night and now I use a mild cleanser and moisturizer in the morning so at least I cut the product usage in half.
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I have been having the same problem. I loved the original unblemish but when I ran out, I tried something else andmy face started constantly breaking out. So I reordered Unblemish, but received the reformulated version. Within weeks of using the new Unblemish, I developed tons of cystic acne that wouldn't go away, so I stopped using the line. It's been months and my skin still isn't under control. I ordered a generic Sulphur wash from Amazon that helped with the cystic acne and was super cheap.
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The scientists who make R+F also make Proactiv. You might try Proactiv if it is closer to your budget.
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