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Rire Bubble Buble Lip Mask + Pore Tightening Ice Stick SET

Rire Bubble Buble Lip Mask + Pore Tightening Ice Stick SET


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This is such an interesting product... The creamy product once applied on the lips after a few minutes starts to bubble up! It did feel slightly tingly/stingy on the lips for the first couple minutes. It dried in a funky foam but wipes off easily with water or a wet wipe. I have to be honest I bought this just out of curiosity but I must say I love how left my lips. I cant seem to be able to protect my lips at night from the retinol i use.. no matter what lip mask i use somehow some always gets there (I am a swimmer sleeper lol). So i often have swollen dry lips. This mask left my lips supple, super smooth and a nice flush color! Lovely! And so easy to use! Put on, wait 10 minutes, wipe or rinse off. Done.
Heard so much about these products and would desperately want to try it, looks so amamzing🤩!!
My favorite lip mask to use ❤️❤️ Not only is it super fun with the bubbles fizzing on your lips lol. But it really does exfoliate my lips and leaves them feeling so soft and supple. I leave the mask on until it dries down and then I rinse it off and there you have it soft lips for the entire day. I personally prefer doing this mask over a lip scrub because I feel like it is a less abrasive way to exfoliate my lips. It really does get the job done and it is affordable. I payed about ten dollars for this lip mask and the product lasts for such a long time. I would say a little over a month ( I use it every two days). I really recommend this lip mask it is definitely worth a try.

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