How does this smell!!????
Boaz, AL - il y a 5 ans

4 answers

Amazing I love mine so much. I personally think it's the best perfume she has. Not a fan of th3 others like this one Reb'l fleur by Rihanna
il y a 4 ans
This product is very nice..♥♥ nd the smell is very good..♥
il y a 5 ans
To glory. Really. ❤
il y a 5 ans
To me,It has a very unique smell and it's hard to find a scent to compare it to. It's definitely not strong enough to make you want to cry, lol. But it is a noticeable scent, if that makes sense. It has a pleasant smell and one of the perfumes I use less of because I don't want it to finish haha
il y a 5 ans