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Rexall Vitamin C 1000 mg - Tablets, 60 ct

Rexall Vitamin C 1000 mg - Tablets, 60 ct


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I love using this product Rexall Vitamin C 1000 mg Tablets cause it really does work on your Immune system and it has vitamin C and the tablets are easy to swallow
I take these daily. They are slightly big and hard for me to swallow whole, so I just break them in half. They also have a citrus flavor to them, which also makes them even more pleasant to take. And, since vitamin C is great for the immune system and with all the cooties going around, I think everyone should be taking a daily dose of vitamin C.
I bought these and soon after started having pain in my lower back and side, then moved around front to my stomach area. It was like pulled muscles and very painful. I didn't care for these vitamins because they were so difficult to swallow due to their texture, so I went and got another brand. As soon as I did, the pain I was experiencing went away. I also use vitamin C to combat psoriasis. After I started taking Rexall brand, my psoriasis started coming back. As soon as I started taking my old brand it went away again. I'm not sure what is in the Rexall vitamins but whatever it is, it is bad for me. I threw the bottle away today.

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