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Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test

Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test


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Accurate. These are easy to use. You can be comfortable knowing they are accurate. No complicated instructions which is what I like
I took this test 5 days before my missed period as instructed ended up with a false pregnancy when to the doctors and they were like it’s evaporation lines. The tests there came out negative I don’t like this test wouldn’t recommend . At first it had said negative and I went to look at it again it was saying negative but this time it had a sharp line in the middle .
These test for me picked up my pregnancies sooner than any other test out there . Affordable when ttc and has always been accurate for me . 4 babies and they all showed up positive very early in my pregnancy, even my doctors brand didn’t pick up so they did a blood test . For results that early for less than 5 bucks is great
I took a test a few days before I missed my period and I’m confused on if it’s positive or not. There was a line there but it wasn’t as bold and kinda off centered. Is it positive?
When I first took the test it was negative but a few minutes later it was positive..which one should I go with
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