Is this a quality dryer or is there a better one for a cheap price too?
Tampa, FL - il y a 3 ans

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Agree with the other commenter, this is one of the better hair dryers you can buy for the price! Does a great job and drying your hair and doesn’t break the bank.
il y a 2 ans
I looked into several, it’s lightweight, 1875 watts which is standard in the industry for full size, it has the negative ions, and it was pretty cheap... around $19 on amazon. That’s as cheap as they get pretty much. Three heat settings and 2 fan settings (high, low) and it only weights 1.32 lbs tbh that was my big draw. I don’t dry every day. I have super thick long curly hair. I blow out my hair 3-4 times a month and don’t wash my hair everyday. I till my hair up and use a shower cap to save my hair especially in winter. And I comes with a concentrator attachment. I hope this helps you decide.
il y a 3 ans