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What eyelash curler would you recommend?
Can anyone recommend a good eyelash curler? I’ve tried all the drugstore ones (Revlon, Tweezerman, Cover Girl etc.) I tried one from Thrive Causmetics and it was terrible. I’ve tried heated ones, plastic ones, metal ones… I tried the one in the picture above, it was awful. anybody have an eyelash curler they LOVE????
I’ve been looking for a good eyelash curler for putting mascara on, has anyone tried this ?
Este enchinador ? riza bien las pestañas
What’s a good lash curler?
What is the best way to disinfect the revlon-extra-curl-lash-curler?
Does the brand of lash curler you use really make a difference ?
What is the difference between the Revlon Extra lash curler and the regular Revlon curler?
Beauty hack I learned years ago...Does anyone ever use the blow dry on their eyelash curler (heats it up) to make your eyelashes curl? revlon-extra-curl-lash-curler Infiniti Pro by Conair Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer - Orange
Can you fit your fingers in this and will it break easily? I know it’s metal but I’ve used some in the past where the joints cheapen and fall off.