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World Wrestling Entertainment
World Wrestling Entertainment
Pop Culture

World Wrestling Entertainment

  • WWE has always been near and dear to me because my brother an I used to sit down and watch it together when it came on. in 147 reviews.

  • I am still a big fan, but so much of it feels like more of a soap opera and less about the wrestling which I miss. in 78 reviews.

  • So even though I am not a fan of wrestling I am a huge fan of anyone who donates their time into making a difference. in 66 reviews.

  • I am still a big fan, but so much of it feels like more of a soap opera and less about the wrestling which I miss. in 18 reviews.

  • my nephews are obssessed with wwe & john cena . in 17 reviews.

  • Letting my brother write this review, he's a fan and I don't watch: Very entertaining, and I has a pretty good story line going. in 17 reviews.

  • cm punk in 11 reviews.

  • Although nothing will ever beat the attitude era of the late 90s, WWE still does a good job of putting out a great product. in 10 reviews.

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Ah yes the days when I used to actually watch this. It is almost funny to me now. Looks so fake, how can you not just laugh?!

One of my guilty pleasures... It's like a soap opera with fighting. Shhh... don't tell anyone I watch it! LOL

I used to love wrestling thanks to my brother. However, after the Chris Benoit situation I quickly became uninterested. The situation was very tragic though. I really never knew they were basically actors and everything was per-rehearsed. It took the realism out of it and because I knew it was all an act, I just couldn't enjoy it. If I want to see actors I'll stick to movies and TV.

all of my friends are obsessed with WWE but i think that it is boring and not fun to watch!

Love watching this with my two boys! I watched wwf as a kid so it's fun to see some of the old ones still around!!

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Why change the characters?


best for business

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Do you think targeting kids as the primary audience was a good thing or a terrible thing?


I believe it affects the performances. Trying to keep it PG 13 can be difficult. For example, the Divas don't fight as well as the TNA Knockouts. These girls also fight the way the guys do. The Divas come across as just being eye candy.

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Cena or Batista ? 💪👌



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