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Wilson Titanium Golf Balls
Wilson Titanium Golf Balls

Wilson Titanium Golf Balls

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A great lower price golf ball easy on the green in and your wallet and the green on the course., Ball plays well with good accuracy, great spin, and seems to hold up well.

Very simple. Best bang for your buck. I use these all the time and hit the fairway consistently. Nice spin keeps them on the greens. Would match these against any competitor.

When you buy the Wilson Titanium Golf balls you know you are getting the best. I get optimum distance and the quality of these golf balls are just hands down great!

Good distance, but you sacrifice a lot of control around the greens. I'd suggest a ball with a little more spin, even if you are looking for distance.

These golf balls are great for people who lose their balls a lot because of the affordable price! I like the distance that you can get with these, but I don't like the spin control and they don't roll well when putting.

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Do these make a difference in your play?

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Do you notice a difference in performance depending on your club?


Yes. As someone who golfs competitively, there is a dramatic difference in your scoring ability when you have proper equipment for your height, swing speed, and flight path. Getting fitted for clubs at a local golf retailer is the best way to ensure you're playing with the best clubs for your golf swing.

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