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Wells Fargo Personal & Business Banking
Wells Fargo Personal & Business Banking

Wells Fargo Personal & Business Banking

  • Despite being members of Wells Fargo for about 5 years, we were tired of a lack of customer service and high fees. in 75 reviews.

  • I got a savings account opened with them when I was probably 5 then Started a checking account when I was 15. in 15 reviews.

  • In result they canceled my debit card instead of the credit card and to this day the fraudulent credit account is still on my credit report. in 13 reviews.

  • I got a savings account opened with them when I was probably 5 then Started a checking account when I was 15. in 12 reviews.

  • They have great customer service and always are trying to find a way to make things easiest for me. in 11 reviews.

  • My husband talked me into leaving our credit union to go with Wells Fargo because there is one close by everywhere. in 10 reviews.

  • Great deals for younger people, even though I am out of school now I still get the perks of not paying a monthly fee! in 9 reviews.

  • Also love the mobile app it has come out with and i can deposit checks into my account and transfer money at any time! in 8 reviews.

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Wells Fargo
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I once felt loyal to Wells Fargo and saw them as a great bank, but after several issues and general lack of concern for their customers, I've lost my faith in them.

So, we have maintained an account with Wells Fargo simply because of accessibility; they have branches all over the country. Unfortunately every time I go into a branch, I leave disgusted. I hate that I constantly get sold products/other accounts. And multiple times I have felt like the company was doing everything it could to get more money out of me, rather than doing what they could to help me out. In fact, once my brother-in-law went in to start up a bank account and the teller got him to sign up for "college account" without disclosing all of the terms he needed to meet to be able to use the account without any fees. Not cool.

I use Wells Fargo for my Investment accounts and HSA. I've never had any issues. I had to call the customer service line once and they were prompt and helpful.

Great bank they work with you with everything and they make you feel really good that your theRe

My entire family banks with Wells Fargo and if we ever have an issue, they will take care of it immediately! Everyone is extremely friendly when you're there! The ATM's make life so much better, being able to deposit checks/cash through the ATM is a game changer!

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What are the requirements to qualify? Have been wanting to open an account but not so sure?

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Do you like this bank compared to others?


I think it's a decent bank. Never have had troubles with them

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Did any one know that now if you run out of checks there more then happy to print them out for you when ever you need them .


I love their checks

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