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Wells Fargo Personal & Business Banking
Wells Fargo Personal & Business Banking

Wells Fargo Personal & Business Banking

  • If you use your debit card at least 10x per month with this account and don't over draft you won't be charged any fee s. in 86 reviews.

  • They always speak in a condensating tone of voice not just to me, but many of my friends that had an account with them. in 76 reviews.

  • Despite being members of Wells Fargo for about 5 years, we were tired of a lack of customer service and high fees. in 71 reviews.

  • I like the bank because of the many locations, but their interest tends to be high and their credit card offers have annual fees. in 17 reviews.

  • I got a savings account opened with them when I was probably 5 then Started a checking account when I was 15. in 15 reviews.

  • In result they canceled my debit card instead of the credit card and to this day the fraudulent credit account is still on my credit report. in 12 reviews.

  • I got a savings account opened with them when I was probably 5 then Started a checking account when I was 15. in 12 reviews.

  • They have great customer service and always are trying to find a way to make things easiest for me. in 10 reviews.

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Wells Fargo
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I love that they have so many branches nearby that is the only reason why I gave them at least two stars. However their customer service is horrible over the phone, they never state the same thing, its like their representatives are poorly trained, forcing me to go into a branch for face to face service which is inconvenient. Also I have to wait for any new debit cards in the mail which I hate, I want to eventually go back to Chase.

I do use their services but not my favorite bank. I've dealt with better banks. Their customer service is so-so not too invested in ensuring their customer's satisfaction despite their companies supposed aim to do so. Plus, their 3% charge on international purchases is a bit much.

I have always had to deal with a rude person at the window. I dont understand why these people are so unhappy

I have to say the only thing i like about Wells Fargo is my LOCAL branch. They are always so helpful and wonderful.

I tried opening an account at Wells Fargo when I was doing Mary Kay. I wanted a separate account from my normal one so I could easily track my spending for the business. The customer service I received was absolutely horrible. I will never do business with them again.

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Do you like this bank compared to others?


I've had a better experience with chase than any other.This one always tried to hit me with hidden fees for some reason til I left.

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Did any one know that now if you run out of checks there more then happy to print them out for you when ever you need them .

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Does WF have any loyalty customer benefits?


If you have a credit card with them, you can earn reward points (if that is what you're referring to).

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