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Walgreens Well Beginnings Premium Diapers Jumbo 2
Walgreens Well Beginnings Premium Diapers Jumbo 2
Mega Mom

Walgreens Well Beginnings Premium Diapers Jumbo 2

Product description

Soft Stretchable Waist And Side Panels Wrap Your Baby In Softness. Excellent Leakage Protection For Day And Night. Extra Soft Inner Liner With Natural Botanicals, Vitamin E And Aloe. Cottony Soft Outer Cover. Hypoallergenic Fits 12-18 Lbs (5-8 Kg) Made In Usa

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These are my favorite diapers. I coupon a lot and get these at a cheap price but I still prefer them over any other diapers!

So I ran out of diapers on Christmas Day ! I had to buy diapers for my 4 month daughter but walmart was closed the only store open was Walgrenns thank god . My favorite brand is Pampers I just love pampers and the wipes but at Walgrenns they cost a lot so I saw this brand well beginnings diapers I mean she 2 days wearing them they are comfy and soft also it has the wetness indicator it turns blue when wet . EVEN better it's the jumbo pack and it has 42 diapers it's just like buying pampers .. I really like this brand and my baby didn't got any rash . I do recommend them !

I got these on sale at Walgreens (they are Walgreens generic/eco friendly brand). I find them to be very similar to LUVS diapers, they did not give my baby a rash and she hardly had any problems with leakage. They are no Pampers or Huggies but they get the job done!

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