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Tombstone Pizza
Tombstone Pizza

Tombstone Pizza

  • Tombstone Pizza - while not the best frozen pizza available on the market - is excellent for the price point. in 45 reviews.

  • i love frozen pizzas and remember a commercial about this from my childhood.. still one of my favorite frozen pizzas in 19 reviews.

  • Tombstone Pizza - while not the best frozen pizza available on the market - is excellent for the price point. in 18 reviews.

  • I prefer thick crust so they aren't my favorite, but if you are a thin crust fan these would be great for you. in 12 reviews.

  • they also taste pretty good I like the fact that you can taste the sauce in 11 reviews.

  • This pizza is a good alternative for quick meal in hurry but making you own homemade pizza is better. in 8 reviews.

  • This pizza goes on sale quite often at my grocery store and I pick it up and you can make a decent pizza with it. in 8 reviews.

  • I think it has great flavor and the right amount of cheese and other toppings. in 6 reviews.

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One of my favorite frozen pizzas ever!! I usually add some parsley and a bit of garlic salt before putting it in the over. Definitely recommend that

Tombstone pizza is not bad and they have great coupons so they don't cost too much. They aren't the healthiest for you, but every now and then I will make some for dinner.

My son loves this pizza. This pizza tastes fresh even though it is frozen. For the money, you can't beat it.

Best frozen pizza award!! Pepperoni is my personal favorite and the price is great for anyone on a budget!

Tombstone frozen pizza is one of my favorite brands of frozen pizza! The sauce is really good and my favorite is with the pepperoni!

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I always see these advertised with meal deals at our local grocery stores, I've never had one though. How do they compare to digiorno pizzas?


I personally like it more than digiorno!

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how many slices do ppl tend to eat in one sitting?


I usually eat 3 which equates to about 600 calories.

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Does anyone ever see the STUFFED CRUST options anymore? We used to get those all the time and they were the BEST but I haven't seen one in years!?


I can find it in brookshires sometimes

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