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Swisse Women's Ultivite
Swisse  Women's Ultivite

Swisse Women's Ultivite

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This is a good multivitamin, it really fills in the gaps of the diet. It has a quick absorbency time. After a week, I've heard that many people experience an energy boost, which is great! This is a well known brand, and comes out with many products for all people and reasons.

All the essentials without fillers

Swisse womens ultivites contains quality vitamins and minerals made from some of the finest ingredients to help womaen maintain and their general wellbeing. Within a couple weeks most will be able to tell a difference in the amount of energy they have and just feeling much better all over. I was able to find these at my local Walgreens and I will be keeping these as regular to my diet.

The only negative with this vitamin is that it is a large pill,kind of hard to swallow,take with food or a large glass of water.You can break them in half as well. Overall a very good vitamin,I noticed increased energy using them.

Great Prodcut, I love it :)

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Does this product work? Is it a big pill?

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Does it have a nasty taste or after taste, like some vitamins do.

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How big and what color are the tablets?

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