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Sweet Leaf Mint & Honey Green Tea Tea
Sweet Leaf Mint & Honey Green Tea Tea

Sweet Leaf Mint & Honey Green Tea Tea

  • Not to sweet, and the mint tastes great in this drink! in 1 reviews.

  • When I was pregnant I found it at walmart and filled the top shelf of my fridge with it. in 1 reviews.

Product description

Sweet Leaf Mint & Honey Green Tea: Homemade goodness in a bottle USDA organic Kosher Premium green tea leaves Infused with spearmint and real honey Family size 64 oz. bottles 8 pack

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I don't drink a whole lot of bottle teas, but I love the Sweet Leaf teas and this one is my favorite. I've tried some mint & honey teas where it was basically just green tea with the tiniest hint of flavor, but the mint is very strong in this one. It's really refreshing and I love drinking it on warm afternoons.

I love all sweet leaf products, I think they taste great & I love the cute bottles. Not to sweet, and the mint tastes great in this drink!

This is one of the tastiest pre bottled teas, in my opinion! The smoothness of the mint is impeccable, and makes my breath feel fresh. Drinking this green tea and mint tea is such a relaxing and refreshing experience.

OMG!! I am obsessed with this drink! It tastes so amazing and it's so good for you too!!

very popular brand for on the go!

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How sweet is this tea? Is it super sugary or can you really taste the mint?


It's pretty sweet. It's not as sugary as soda or most bottle sweet teas, however, and and I think the mint flavor is pretty prominent.

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