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Solar Shield Fits Over Metal Clip-On Sunglasses 54 Rec8
Solar Shield Fits Over Metal Clip-On Sunglasses 54 Rec8

Solar Shield Fits Over Metal Clip-On Sunglasses 54 Rec8

Product description

A sleek X-Span frame with gray lens tint for general use. Full frame. PolarTX premium scratch resistant lens. Polarized lenses block glare. Blocks 100% UVA/UVB. Lenses exceed ANSI Z80.3-2001 strictest UV blocking requirements.

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Better than the old clip-ons by far. They are not going to work for every frame, of course but they have a good representation of sizes and shapes.

Great idea, but I have had such a hard time finding solar shields that actually fit my glasses.

These do the job, but I wouldn't choose these if I didn't have to.

They do their job of keeping the sun out -if only they would fit my glasses properly! I tried on several different sizes and got the best size for my prescription frames but they just didn't fit well. But, like I previously stated, they did keep the sun out of my eyes, until I lost them because they fell off. Hmmm....did they fall off because they didn't fit right??? I'll let you decide.

Easy to clip on my prescription glasses but they don't fit over the whole frame. Less expensive than buying prescription sunglasses though.

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