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Skinny Girl Cucumber Martini
Skinny Girl Cucumber Martini
Happy Hour

Skinny Girl Cucumber Martini

  • I'd rather drink the calories and have a taste of something than drink less calories with no satisfaction. in 23 reviews.

  • I'd rather drink the calories and have a taste of something than drink less calories with no satisfaction. in 19 reviews.

  • even cooler after drinking this, delicious refreshing beverage! in 18 reviews.

  • I have tried this particular flavor of Skinny Girl liquor and I didn't like it at all! in 15 reviews.

  • The Skinny Girl brand is a good idea in general, but his cucumber martini is just not good . in 14 reviews.

  • Great with a clean classic combo of club soda and ice– it was like the freshly washed linens of drinks. in 5 reviews.

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I love the fact that they have low calories. The flavor is pretty good. Light at refreshing.

I've had the cherry flavor and it was good pick up. Now I want to try the cucumber, and make a martini.

Suprisingly good and crisp. Its nice to be able to make a drink and not freak out about ruining my diet

Surprised by how good this was. Not sure if it's really as "light" as the marketing appears, but it tastes crisp and light for a martini

This is actually pretty good and has a refreshing flavor. I like to mix it with club soda and add cucumber slices to it.

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I am skeptical of products labelled 'skinny', are these any good? Can you tell they are 'skinny'?

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What would you recommend mixing this with?


Ice and strawberries ugh so good in the blender

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Is this an already mixed drink or is it just a simple liquor flavor?

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