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Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response
Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response

  • Love this product, Clinical Strength Deoderant not only does it last all day It smells great and goes on clear its a must try in 268 reviews.

  • This works great stays on all day I can move around a lot with this on if you have kids or move around a lot this is for you I get mine from Walmart in 183 reviews.

  • I use Secret Clinical Strength and even though it smells good and work better than other deodorants it will never stop my sweating. in 133 reviews.

  • Well for me Secret clinical strength is the only thing i use now because i know all day long it is working for me. in 119 reviews.

  • I love this deodorant, it glides on smooth doesn't get all over my clothes; works for a long time and it smells nice in 103 reviews.

  • It has a nice scent, long lasting (especially for those long crazy days at work), and it's WORTH the $8 price tag. in 83 reviews.

  • Love this deodorant, keeps you smelling fresh all day even after sweating all day and even helps against stress sweat. in 79 reviews.

  • I am sure this is a great product for those ladies without sensitive skin , but for me, I will definitely not repurchase in 57 reviews.

Product description

Did you know there are actually three main causes of sweat? Sweat is induced by physical activity/exercise, environmental/heat and stress. Stress sweat is different – it can happen instantaneously and smells the worst, because it comes from two different glands. Sweat from physical activity and heat comes from the Eccrine sweat glands – made up mostly of water. Stress sweat however also comes from a different gland, the Apocrine. The Aprocrine gland has more nutrients, which means more bacteria, which can cause more odor. Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response is uniquely formulated to fight the worst-smelling odor that’s caused by stress sweat. Secret’s the only APDO with proprietary BCD technology which actually traps and locks away odor. It then replaces the odor with a fresh scent instead of merely covering it up, which can even make stress sweat odor worse. Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response has proven 4X* stress sweat protection to fight all three sources of sweat: exercise, heat and the worst smelling cause of sweat – stress. Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response also: • Utilizes triple-action technology, providing three layers of protection: prescription-strength wetness protection, odor-fighting BCD microcapsules and skin soothing conditioners. • Is doctor endorsed and clinically proven to provide prescription strength wetness protection. Contains the maximum level of this antiperspirant active without a prescription. • Contains skin soothing conditioners *vs. the wetness protection required of an ordinary antiperspirant.

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i sweat a lot.. and i dont think this product really prevents me from sweating anymore than a normal deoderant.. kinda disappointing.

Pretty great product. It never fails to help with sweat and odor issues. Always my go to in the personal care isle.

For those who are worried because they sweat easily or if you just want a deodorant that smells great AND works really well, this product is worth giving a shot! Keep an eye out for coupons!

I really like this deodorant. It smells great and keeps my underarms dry! The only thing I don't like is the size. I'm spending around $8-$10 for this little thing. Yeah I re-buy it when I run out but if you don't like spending a lot of money then I would choose something else!

I definitely sweat versus "glistening" or "sparkling" that has become a popular phrase on workout tops these days. It has become worse since I had my total hysterectomy (at the ripe old age of 26) and the Secret Clinical Strength deodorants are the only ones that work for me. I may try other brands but I always come back to this one! Highly recommend!

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how does it compare to Degree?


I like this better than Degree; I used Degree for several years, and this works much better for me!

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Does this leave a white residue


Not at all :)

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Is good ?? I use Dove but idk how work this deodorant


I definitely prefer Dove to this one, just because it smell is more appealing and I don't feel like it's full of unnecessary chemicals.

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