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Scentsy Warmers
Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy Warmers

  • I like that the wax doesn't really burn and you don't have to have burning candles or smoke from the blown out candle! in 839 reviews.

  • This is one of the best investment you can get for every house hold birthday gift Christmas gift it gifts of any kind! in 573 reviews.

  • I have one in every room (and a few extra) I can change out the scents whenever I want and my house smells so yummy! in 199 reviews.

  • i have about 5 of theese around my house and they make my house smell soo good they even have a variety of flavors. in 195 reviews.

  • Plus there are so many different scents and you can leave them in for about a week, depending on how often you use it! in 151 reviews.

  • Scent warmers are probably one of my favorite things ever , they add a pretty decoration and they smell amazing you have a huge variety of scents to chose from. in 113 reviews.

  • I love that scents are easy to change, but will last a long time even if you don't want to constantly change them out. in 109 reviews.

  • My whole house smells so amazing when I use them, and my guests always comment and ask about what fragrance I am using. in 100 reviews.

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I love my warmer. It's cute and matches my decor perfectly. The scents are great. A great investment for my home.

Beautiful Beautiful. Goes well in my Living room and bedroom.So Nice..Great piece to decorate any room.

I have a few of the warmers. usually I turn them on long enough for the wax to melt then turn them off. This allows the scent to last longer. The wax doesn't get too hot. I found the best way to clean mine is to allow the wax to completely cool, then turn on my burner for a few minutes. This will just melt around the edge and the brick will slide out.

I have 2 and they are perfect. Fills each room with the scent you are looking for. They have so many scents to choose from you can never go wrong! They also have different themes for the warmers, they are not all girly!

Best purchase ever. It cut my cost down with buying candles every few days. I am a candle lover so when I found out about this product I was so excited. Also the smell goes through the house and actually stays much longer than a regular candele

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how do you go about cleaning the wax out of these ? can you re-use wax ?


I saw a video where you can put a couple cotton balls in the melted wax and it soaks up all the wax. Also I wipe mine out with a paper towel.

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how are these warmers compared to the ones you find at Walmart? I have one of those but I use the scentsy wax bars. was thinking of getting an Element warmer cause my sister has one and loves it.


They are very good I have 3 in my home. The wax is much stronger an last way longer then the ones at walmart. I recommend this product all the way.

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Whats your favorite design?


I really like the Tilia design. I have one in my home.

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