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Scentsy Warmers
Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy Warmers

  • I have one in every room (and a few extra) I can change out the scents whenever I want and my house smells so yummy! in 203 reviews.

  • i have about 5 of theese around my house and they make my house smell soo good they even have a variety of flavors. in 202 reviews.

  • Plus there are so many different scents and you can leave them in for about a week, depending on how often you use it! in 152 reviews.

  • Scent warmers are probably one of my favorite things ever , they add a pretty decoration and they smell amazing you have a huge variety of scents to chose from. in 114 reviews.

  • I love that scents are easy to change, but will last a long time even if you don't want to constantly change them out. in 110 reviews.

  • My whole house smells so amazing when I use them, and my guests always comment and ask about what fragrance I am using. in 103 reviews.

  • I'm about to order two more warmers to match the decor in my living room and bedroom, and I couldn't be more excited! in 69 reviews.

  • As of late I have preferred my bathroom plug in warmer but I usually keep a different scent in each to suit my mood. in 56 reviews.

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I love scentsy...greatest warmer ever; not to mention all the great fragrances!!! Scentsy is a great product, so easy to use and cleanup is a breeze. The only thing I hate is that I don't have enough!

I have three of these and love them all! I Scentsy warmers are such better quality than the warmers sold at other retailers. Additionally, the Scentsy wax is MUCH better than other brands, it burns w/o smoke or leaving a nasty residue in my warmer like other brands did.

Love these!! Great for all day use, as long as you're gonna be home. Keeps any room in the house smelling amazing all day!

These are great but honestly not worth the money. You can find dupes for these just as good at walmart!

I currently have three warmers. Like the variety of scents and warmers and other products scentsy offers

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Did anyone else find this brand a little too strong?


Try adding less wax into the melter. See if that helps

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How long do you find a cube lasts for?


Less time than they claim for sure!

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Do you have to order these through a distributor or can you but them online/in a store?


They last for almost three hours. I change the wax around two or three times a day . I love changing my.wax for certain seasons.

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